Advertise With Us

Currently DigZoo advertises through a range of different partners, including Google, Taboola, and Facebook, but we are now interested in offering a new service that allows interested brands and companies to advertise through us directly. We are offering a flat fee service that will allow you to take your content and place it in front of the millions of people who follow us across Facebook and Twitter.

We also offer a more tailored service that will allow you to engage directly with our audience using sponsored memes, videos, and articles, created by us specifically to maximise our users’ engagement with your brand.

Every week DigZoo reaches millions of people across Twitter and Facebook. Combined we have 1.5 million followers across our social media accounts, and in April 2018 our weekly reach exceeded 15 million people.

If you want to get more out of your advertising budget, we can offer a unique service at a reasonable price. We are a small team of content creators and marketers who will work closely with you to ensure that your brand receives the attention you want. Whether you want to generate leads for an online business, direct traffic to a Kickstarter page, or just generate buzz for an upcoming show, you’ll find our advertising services flexible and powerful enough to deliver exactly what you need.

In the past we have worked with brands like Hera, Comedy Central, and Children's Miracle Network Hospital and produced great results. If you’d like to know more about our past work, our social media metrics, or our pricing, contact us at [email protected] or message our Facebook page directly at



"DigZoo were immensely helpful with the promotion of my Kickstarter over a variety of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The article that was written really captured the essence of the project, helping spread the word about my game.

Thanks to DigZoo, many more pledges have come into the Kickstarter, contributing hugely towards meeting the funding goal. It was an honour and a privilege to be featured and I would recommend to anyone looking to promote their own project."

- Victoria Campbell, 'Millenial Life: The Boardgame'